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Fiona’s passion is for all things living,  Living gifts are perfect to mark any occasion.

A qualified horticulturist and florist, Fiona has always enjoyed her gardens, both in England and now home in Quinns Rocks, Western Australia.

From an early age, she has always had something growing.  Growing veg and fruit on a balcony to now having a larger area for her garden, she enjoys the fruits of her labour with fresh veg every day that are all fed with organic goodies and a little help from her chickens.  “I love being in the garden, it is so therapeutic”.   She is very creative, with many hobbies which include art, photography and obviously, organic gardening.

“I have always enjoyed making up gift parcels or hampers for friends and family, A Goodie box.  I then started giving plants as gifts and had great feedback from these”, so Living Gifts was born.

Fiona will source her products from her home state of Western Australia where possible, if she hasn’t grown her own, and makes a point of using “earth-friendly” companies.

Living Gifts for you all to enjoy.

Quinns Rocks, WA, 6030